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Don't be too quick to judge the safety of self-driving cars

The idea that a vehicle without a driver could be just as skilled as a vehicle with a human driver operating it is difficult to contemplate. Have we really advanced so far in computer technology that we can rely on robot-driven cars to take us from A to B? According to Uber, Toyota, Alphabet, Tesla and many other automakers, we are close to having driverless cars that are actually better at keeping people safe than human-driven cars.

What does 'guilty beyond a reasonable doubt' mean?

The "presumption of innocence" is a fundamental part of our legal system in the United States. It means that a court will not perceive you to be guilty unless you are proved to be so beyond a reasonable doubt. In this respect, it's up to the prosecution to present facts and evidence that prove you to be guilty.

Valid reasons for a traffic stop and DUI charge

Police must have a valid reason for pulling you over and accusing you of drunk driving. This valid reason might be as simple as you running a stop sign or not having your headlights turned on. Then, if the officer sees you're exhibiting the signs of inebriation, he or he she might perform a field sobriety check.


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