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Why should I see a doctor after a car accident?

There you are, driving your typical route work when, suddenly, another driver rear-ends you. After a few minutes of shock and getting your bearings, you take stock of your condition and don't feel any injuries. Good news, at least you don't have to spend the rest of your day and maybe more dealing with injuries, right?

Unfortunately, many injuries that can occur in car accidents are quite dangerous, even though they do not cause pain initially. Delayed pain injuries account for a significant portion of all injuries suffered in traffic accidents, often leading to long-term suffering and even death. When car accident victims assume that they are fine other than a few scrapes and bruises after the shock wears off, they place themselves in serious danger.

Any time that you experience a car accident, your first concern is always your physical health, and you should seek out a professional medical examination as soon as you possibly can. A professional medical examination helps identify injuries you cannot feel before they can grow worse, or potentially deadly. Far more people than you might expect suffer for months or even years, or die before their time, simply because they didn't take the time to seek out proper care immediately after an accident.

Deadly delayed pain injuries

Most delayed pain injuries pose threats to a victim's quality of life, but injuries to internal organs and internal bleeding pose threats to a victim's life itself. If you feel any abdominal pain after a car accident, it is possible that you have a right-now medical emergency. With both organ damage and internal bleeding, by the time that you feel pain, your condition is already very serious.

Organ damage does not hurt initially because the body may try to fix the problem on its own, but once the organ fails, the pain sets in quickly and may immobilize the victim. This pain may indicate that the damaged organ failed and other organs are failing as well. Without emergency medical attention, anyone suffering organ failure will die quite painfully.

Internal bleeding may not cause pain until the site of the bleeding grows infected, and it is often the infection that causes complications, rather than the blood loss itself. An infection close to your blood stream easily travels through it to the rest of your body, which is also both deadly and painful.

Protecting yourself and your rights

By seeking out medical attention immediately after a car accident, you can avoid potentially disastrous results from any delayed pain injuries, but then what? The documentation that you receive from your examination is essential to building a strong personal injury claim to cover the expense of the examination and any ongoing medical attention you need. Always make it a priority to protect your health as well as your rights after an accident, using the full strength of the law to keep yourself safe and secure.

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