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The driver who hit me doesn't have insurance- now what?

You're pulled over on the side of the highway. Another driver wasn't paying attention and rear-ended you. You get their name and contact information, only to find out they don't have auto insurance. And a bad situation suddenly gets worse.

You wonder, "Who will pay for the damage?"

Methamphetamine use rises in the northeast

Recent reports found an alarming rise in the use of the highly addictive, dangerous synthetic drug, methamphetamine, between the years of 2013 and 2017.

Quest, a clinical laboratory, regularly used for employment drug testing, reported that positivity for meth in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey increased by 150 percent.

Pennsylvania divorces and equitable distribution

You and your spouse decide that separation would prove best for you and your children. Because your marriage lasted many years, you did not make the decision to divorce lightly. You know that the court subjects your assets to division, but you worry about how the court will determine whom receives large pieces of property.

Pennsylvania divorce proceedings operate under the process of equitable distribution. Though you and your spouse may have obtained significant assets and property ownership throughout your marriage, nearly all shared property will face analysis and separation by a Pennsylvania court judge. Depending on various facts regarding your marriage, the court will determine a split that proves beneficial for each spouse. In any divorce proceeding, you want to hire an experienced family law attorney. Especially when dealing with expensive assets, it may prove beneficial to utilize an attorney's aid to ensure you have all required documents for a legal divorce.

Why should I see a doctor after a car accident?

There you are, driving your typical route work when, suddenly, another driver rear-ends you. After a few minutes of shock and getting your bearings, you take stock of your condition and don't feel any injuries. Good news, at least you don't have to spend the rest of your day and maybe more dealing with injuries, right?

Unfortunately, many injuries that can occur in car accidents are quite dangerous, even though they do not cause pain initially. Delayed pain injuries account for a significant portion of all injuries suffered in traffic accidents, often leading to long-term suffering and even death. When car accident victims assume that they are fine other than a few scrapes and bruises after the shock wears off, they place themselves in serious danger.

Probate doesn't have to apply to all of your assets

If you've ever lived through the death of a close family member -- and you were one of the beneficiaries of his or her estate -- you know how nerve-wracking, time-consuming and costly the probate process can be. This is why so many Pennsylvania residents want to do everything they can to prevent the loved ones they leave behind from experiencing the same thing.

In fact, there are numerous estate planning techniques you can employ to bypass the need for certain assets to go through probate. Let's take a look at the three most common probate-avoidance strategies:

Don't be too quick to judge the safety of self-driving cars

The idea that a vehicle without a driver could be just as skilled as a vehicle with a human driver operating it is difficult to contemplate. Have we really advanced so far in computer technology that we can rely on robot-driven cars to take us from A to B? According to Uber, Toyota, Alphabet, Tesla and many other automakers, we are close to having driverless cars that are actually better at keeping people safe than human-driven cars.

It's easy for us to judge any accident involving a self-driving car to be the fault of the driverless tech behind it. However, according to some, we shouldn't be too quick to judge the safety of driverless cars.

What does 'guilty beyond a reasonable doubt' mean?

The "presumption of innocence" is a fundamental part of our legal system in the United States. It means that a court will not perceive you to be guilty unless you are proved to be so beyond a reasonable doubt. In this respect, it's up to the prosecution to present facts and evidence that prove you to be guilty.

The presumption of innocence doesn't mean you can completely relax if you've been wrongly accused of a crime, but it does mean that the prosecution will have a harder time convicting you of a crime.

Valid reasons for a traffic stop and DUI charge

Police must have a valid reason for pulling you over and accusing you of drunk driving. This valid reason might be as simple as you running a stop sign or not having your headlights turned on. Then, if the officer sees you're exhibiting the signs of inebriation, he or he she might perform a field sobriety check.

If, on the other hand, the officer did not have a valid reason for pulling you over -- and he or she later accuses you of DUI -- you might be able to get the charges dismissed.

Take the right steps after a motor vehicle accident

If you have ever been part of a motor vehicle accident, you know this has a way of "shaking you up."

When this happens, you may not have a clear mind. As a result, you could find it difficult to take all the necessary steps. This is why it's so important to plan in advance.

3 things to know about compensation laws in Pennsylvania

Imagine driving to work on your daily commute when another car rear-ends you. Whether the other driver was busy sending a text message or was not focusing on the task at hand, his distracted driving is the reason you are now injured and your car is in the repair shop.

Every day people suffer injuries due to another driver's negligent acts. When that happens, you should not have to pay for medical expenses and car repairs due to another person's negligence. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get the justice you deserve. A Greensburg attorney with car accident experience can help you file a claim. Read further for things you should know about Pennsylvania compensation laws.


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