Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you are injured at work in Pennsylvania, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. There are a wide variety of benefits available, depending on the extent and nature of your injuries. In general, injured workers are entitled to financial benefits and medical benefits.

Financial Benefits

There are several types of financial benefits provided by Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system:

Wage loss benefits — These benefits are the equivalent of two-thirds of the worker's average weekly wage up to a state-wide cap. The duration of payments depends on whether the worker is considered totally or partially disabled. If partially disabled, the benefits will discontinue after 500 weeks. Workers who are totally disabled receive wage loss benefits indefinitely.

Permanent loss benefits — This is financial compensation paid to workers whose injuries resulted in permanent loss of use or function of the body, such as an amputation. The legislature has assigned specific monetary values to various body parts.

Financial benefits for disfigurement — Workers who sustained permanent scarring to their face, head or neck may receive an addition payment equal to two-thirds of their pre-injury average weekly wage for up to 275 weeks.

Death benefits — If a worker is killed in a fatal job-related accident or by an occupational disease, his/her surviving spouse or dependents may receive a $3,000 burial allowance and weekly wage benefits for life. If the surviving spouse remarries, he/she will be receive a lump sum payment equivalent to 104 weeks of wage benefits.

Medical benefits

Pennsylvania workers' compensation laws require employers to pay all of an injured workers reasonable and necessary medical bills — this includes doctor visits, hospital stays, physical therapy, chiropractic visits, medication and prostheses. There is a cap on how much medical providers can charge under the system, and it is illegal for medical providers to bill injured workers for fees above the cap.

Employers may designate a list of physicians. Injured workers must select a physician from this list.

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While the list of above mentioned benefits may seem straightforward, it can often be difficult to obtain all of the benefits you are entitled to receive. Calculating your average weekly wages, determining whether an injury has left you partially or totally disabled and other issues often require the assistance of a skilled lawyer.

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