Making Your Residential Real Estate Transaction as Smooth as Possible

Why retain a lawyer for a residential real estate transaction? So many professionals are already involved — from the real estate agent and the mortgage consultant to the lending institution.

Your real estate agent has your interests in mind, but typically does not have formal legal training. The mortgage broker's job does not include protecting your legal interests in the transaction, and all the bank really cares about is the financial details of the transaction.

The job of a real estate attorney, however, is to protect the legal interests of the buyer or the seller before, during and after the transaction.

When you hire an attorney to draft or review a real estate purchase agreement, you can rest assured that the document will be crafted in a way that best protects you from unforeseen problems that may arise.

Long-Term Experience With Residential Real Estate Law

The law firm of Galloway Monzo, P.C., located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, has a well-established practice handling residential real estate transactions on behalf of both buyers and sellers of residential real estate. Our services include:

  • Drafting or reviewing the agreement of sale
  • Resolving issues that arise before the closing, especially unforeseen problems with the property
  • Purchasing title insurance
  • Title searches and records review
  • Representation at closing

Gain additional peace of mind during this important transaction by consulting a knowledgeable residential real estate lawyer.

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