Get the Compensation You Need After a Car Accident

In many accidents in which you or a loved one suffers any injuries, you need the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyers of Galloway Monzo, P.C. can make sure you receive fair compensation - both from your insurance company and the insurance companies of the other drivers involved in the accident.

At the Greensburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Galloway Monzo, P.C., our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have decades of experience providing skillful legal help to car accident victims. Our job is to evaluate our client's claim - in terms of medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering - to ensure that our client gets the best possible compensation.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf With Insurance Companies

Our attorneys each have decades of intensive legal experience that helps us negotiate forcefully on our clients' behalf. We have established a solid reputation in the local legal community as smart and aggressive advocates for our clients - a reputation that helps us get results for people who have been injured in car accidents.

Limited Tort Protection? Under Pennsylvania law, drivers with a limited tort car insurance policy give up their right to seek compensation for pain and suffering after a car accident. If you have questions about the coverage provided by your car insurance policy, we can help interpret the policy and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Strong Local Representation

Galloway Monzo is a team of experienced lawyers who have combined their law practices in order to offer a local option for strong legal representation to residents of our local communities, including residents of Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Armstrong County, Cambria County, Fayette County, Allegheny County and Somerset County.

We offer convenient access to personal injury and wrongful death lawyers with decades of experience and a strong record of achieving fair compensation for car accident victims - either at the negotiating table or at a trial.

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If you have questions about how our law firm can help you recover compensation after a car accident, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our lawyers.

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