We Provide Legal Help for Personal Injury Victims

The job of a personal injury lawyer ranges from negotiating a fair settlement from the driver's own insurance company after fender benders, to arguing before a jury for just compensation for family members suffering economic and emotional losses after the wrongful death of a spouse, parent or child.

A Long Record of Results in Injury Cases

At the Greensburg, Pennsylvania, law firm of Galloway Monzo, P.C., our attorneys provide compassionate and strategic legal representation to injured people throughout our local communities. We have a strong record of success in all types achieving strong settlements in a wide range of injury cases:

Why Travel to Pittsburgh for Legal Help With a Personal Injury Case?

Our lawyers have over 75 years of legal experience , and our legal skills have been acknowledged by our peers via numerous awards that provide formal recognition of the quality of the services we offer our clients.

Even more importantly, we know the rules and procedures of our local courts because we practice in them nearly every day. Each court operates differently. The success or failure of a personal injury lawsuit may hinge on your lawyer's understanding of how best to use the rules to push your case forward.

Complimentary Consultations ∙ Contingency Fee Representation

We handle all personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. This means that our attorney fees will be calculated as a percentage of your eventual settlement or jury award. In other words, we don't get paid unless you get paid.*

To schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our lawyers, call 724-972-0412 or use our online contact form.

*Clients may be responsible for some court costs or expenses associated with their claim.

This disclaimer above is placed here to comply with Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.2(h)(1). If customers are not liable for any court costs or other expenses, we may be able to delete the disclaimer completely.