Guiding You Through Divorce

Divorce implicates many personal aspects of your life: your finances, your property holdings, your relationships with children and your family's overall dynamics. As such, it is often a highly emotional time.

At Galloway Monzo, P.C., we are compassionate to your situation, yet strong in court. We provide the effective advocacy you need during divorce.

Protecting Your Financial Health

During divorce, all marital property is divided between the spouses. This process can become incredibly complex based on the types of assets held. When approaching property division, our lawyers take a methodical approach:

  • First, we carefully analyze and classify property as marital or separate. In general, marital assets are those acquired by either spouse during the marriage, except by gift or inheritance. However, separate assets may have become marital in nature due to commingling.
  • Second, we determine the value of each marital asset. When necessary, we work with outside financial experts such as CPAs, forensic accounts, cash-flow analysts and real estate appraisers to obtain accurate valuation.
  • Third, we work toward a division that is equitable and adequately protects our clients' financial interests.

Our goal when handling your divorce is to help you leave your marriage in the most financially secure position possible. In addition to property division, we assist with alimony, or spousal support, issues.

A Reputation For Excellence

At Galloway Monzo, P.C., our attorneys have gained a strong reputation for their determination and skill. While it is rare in family law for one party to walk away feeling as if he or she "won," our lawyers have the experience and skill to help you achieve your most important goals.

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