Protecting Your Parental Rights During Child Custody Disputes

Marriage and other romantic relationships may end, but the bond you form with your child is lifelong. At Galloway Monzo, P.C., we understand the importance of protecting and maintaining parent-child relationships. Our attorneys can provide the skilled representation you need during a child custody dispute.

How Do The Courts Determine Custody?

In Pennsylvania, the legal standard used in custody is the "best interests of the children" and involves analyzing numerous factors such as:

  • Each parent's ability to provide a stable, nurturing environment and attend to the child's daily needs
  • The mental and physical condition of each parent, including any history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • The proximity of the parents to each other
  • The willingness of each parent to cooperate with the other
  • The child's preferences

After its analysis, the court will determine legal and physical custody. This arrangement can take many forms, including anything from shared custody to sole custody.

Resolving custody issues through direct communication and negotiation is often the best path. However, it is not always easy to agree on the best arrangement for your child. In many cases, it is necessary to enlist the help of experienced legal advocates with the skills to protect your parental rights.

Our attorneys have decades of trial experience. We are strong and effective in the courtroom, and we are known for our ability to secure results.

Modifications and Relocation

As life changes, so, too, should custody orders. In Pennsylvania, parents can petition to modify child custody at any time. However, courts will typically not change existing arrangements unless there has been a change in circumstances.

Relocation is a common issue facing parents. Whether due to job opportunities, marriage or family commitments, many individuals choose to relocate to another city or state. Parents must follow strict requirements before relocating. Often, relocation results in custody modification.

Our lawyers can assist with modifications and relocation. We understand that your children are your top priority. No matter what your goals, whether to obtain a modification, relocate or prevent the relocation of your children, we will help you achieve a result that protects your parent-child relationship.

Grandparents And Custody

In Pennsylvania, grandparents can petition for legal and physical custody of their grandchildren in certain circumstances. However, grandparents must meet strict requirements before they have standing to request custody. Our attorneys have helped many grandparents with custody and visitation issues. We will sit down with you, explain your legal rights and options, and create a legal strategy that places you in the best position to acquire custody rights to your grandchildren.

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