Protect Your Family's Financial Future Through Estate Planning

As our nation's tax code and laws governing estates change, it's important to take advantage of allowances within existing law to protect your family's financial future. Our estate planning attorneys consult with tax experts and financial planners to evaluate your financial situation.

Whether you want to create a basic will, trust, or grant powers of attorney or a healthcare directive, Galloway Monzo, P.C., has the resources needed create a plan customized to meet your individual needs. We also handle more complex estate planning needs. Attorney Nancy L. Harris works one-on-one with you to ensure you are aware at every stage in the planning process what is involved and the options available to you.

We can help you protect your family's economic future with innovative, effective estate planning strategies.

Basic Estate Planning for Today's World

The estate planning lawyers at Galloway Monzo, P.C., advise, counsel, and represent clients in regard to the following estate planning issues:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Healthcare Directives

Why Basic Estate Planning Makes Sense

Whether you're young and just starting out or are facing retirement, creating an estate plan is important for avoiding or minimizing complications associated with probate. Additionally, understanding tax issues associated with retirement plans, investments, and real estate now can help you plan for your family's future by creating a suitable will or trust for their educational, healthcare, or maintenance needs.

Our estate planning attorneys present various options and explain how you can get the most out of your estate plan for your family's financial future. We also assist with probate administration.

Taking the First Step - Contact us now

Estate planning shouldn't be a burden. We will take every step possible to minimize the amount of work required by you, our client. We consult financial and tax experts, use current software, and prepare all necessary paperwork so you don't have to. To schedule an appointment to discuss your estate planning needs, contact Attorney Nancy L. Harris at Galloway Monzo, P.C. at 724-972-0412.