Providing Experienced and Skilled Defense Against Homicide Charges

Murder cases are very complex - a motive must be established, evidence must be presented, and intent must be proved. Working with blood splatter experts, firearms specialists, toxicologists, investigators, and a host of other expert witnesses, Galloway Monzo comprehensively and thoroughly analyzes every homicide case we represent. Recognizing the practical limits imposed on prosecutors by budget and manpower constraints, we pursue alternative leads, suspects, and witnesses the prosecution ignores. When necessary, we use computer animation and simulation to reconstruct the crime scene and point out inconsistencies in the prosecution's version of events.

If you've been charged with murder or are currently under investigation, contact Pennsylvania murder defense attorneys at Galloway Monzo to schedule a confidential consultation. Located in Greensburg, we defend clients throughout Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, Indiana County, Somerset County, and Cambria County.

Evidence: A Key Component

The vast majority of crime scenes are not treated with the care and sophistication as portrayed in television shows like "CSI," "Bones," or "Law and Order." In some cases, blood samples may be tainted or compromised, exculpatory evidence ignored, and artifacts removed without proper care. Our Pennsylvania homicide lawyers identify these lapses and mistakes, undermining the trustworthiness of the evidence introduced by the prosecution.

Following Alternative Leads

Family members are often suspects in murder cases. Focusing on a spouse, sibling, or parent, police often quickly exclude other leads or suspects that don't fit neatly into their assumptions about a crime scene and possible motive. At Galloway Monzo, we look at suspects investigators ignore, interview witnesses, and identify gaps and lapses in police investigations.

Interrogation: Crossing the Line

Most police departments tape interrogations to protect themselves against charges of misconduct and failure to mirandize the accused. Too often, however, police badger suspects, claim they aren't holding someone when it appears they are, and resorts to tactics that deprive people of sleep. Unfortunately, people sometimes break under the pressure and say things that incriminate them just to avoid further interrogation.

We painstakingly review interrogations, point out abuses, and highlight information and statements that exonerate our clients.

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