Former Prosecutors Defending You Against Drug Charges

Whether you are being investigated or have already been arrested on drug charges, protecting your Constitutional rights is essential. The criminal defense attorneys at Galloway Monzo scrutinize the actions of law enforcement officers, interview witnesses, and challenge questionable searches and seizures. If a search warrant is served on you during an investigation, we will immediately drive to your home to be present while it is being carried out. Having served as city prosecutors in the past, we can identify questionable arrests, police failures, and inadequate evidence in cases against our clients.

We understand how to defend drug cases and negotiate with prosecutors when necessary. For a completely confidential evaluation of your case, contact the experienced Greensburg drug charge lawyers at Galloway Monzo today. Regardless of whether you have been charged in Westmoreland County, Indiana County, Allegheny County, or Cambria County, we're prepared to defend you in court.

Facing Criminal Drug Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients charged in the following kinds of drug cases:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug smuggling
  • Heroin possession
  • Cocaine possession
  • Marijuana possession
  • Manufacturing illegal drugs
  • Narcotics sales and distribution

The Limitations Facing Prosecutors

We recognize police departments face budgetary constraints and a lack of resources. As a result, investigators don't always check all the facts, adhere to procedure, or carefully gather and inventory evidence. Sometimes, important witnesses are overlooked or ignored. When corners are cut, rights are violated and cases compromised. We know how to identify mistakes and inconsistencies that raise questions that undermine the prosecution's case against our clients.

When Working with Prosecutors Makes Sense

If the evidence against you is overwhelming, our drug possession lawyers work with prosecutors to explore alternatives to lengthy prison sentences in exchange for testimony or participation in addiction programs. While we can't guarantee that your sentence will be reduced, we understand how to negotiate with the court and what sorts of proposals the prosecution is likely to accept.

For dedicated criminal defense attorneys who put the prosecution's case on trial instead of you, contact Galloway Monzo today. Call 724-972-0412.