Aggressive and Effective Defense Against DUI and Other Alcohol-Related Charges

Are you facing an alcohol-related criminal charge? A DUI or DWI, or an arrest for underage drinking? If the arrest occurred in or around Greensburg, there is no need to travel outside of your local community to find legal help from aggressive and experienced attorneys who can protect your rights and your criminal record.

Why Fight a DUI or Drunk-Driving Charge?

In Pennsylvania, consequences for a DUI conviction are severe - even for a first offense. If you plead guilty or if you are convicted at trial, you will face suspension of your driver's license, fines, mandatory and costly drivers' education classes, and even the possibility of jail time.

Other potential consequences include higher insurance rates and the loss of your clean criminal record, which can negatively impact career and higher education choices.

In almost all cases, it is worthwhile to mount a legal fight against a DUI charge. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, it may be possible to defeat the charges altogether - winning a not-guilty verdict at trial. At the very least, it may be possible to negotiate downward the consequences of the DUI.

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers

Galloway Monzo is a law firm with offices in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Each of our attorneys has more than a decade of legal experience, and we enjoy a respected reputation in the local legal community as smart and aggressive advocates on behalf of our clients.

Pennsylvania has progressive DUI statutes. This means that the penalties are worse for each subsequent offense. The penalties are also more severe depending on the results of the blood alcohol test.

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